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Disability Camps

Run by fully qualified NDIS support workers, Heart to Heartbeat’s disability camps are better known as retreats; part holiday, part practical and all about you.

Our 18-24 year old retreats are the perfect place to gain life skills while hanging out with a bunch of other young adults just like you. We all have our differences, but we are all the same at heart. Our retreats are all about making new friends, enjoying yourself and feeling like you belong.

Retreats run all over South East Queensland from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast. We look forward to seeing you at one soon.

Come Join Us And Makes Some Memories

Upcoming dates

We are currently in the midst of organising and planning our next youth camp.

Excited to announce this will be coming in APRIL 2024.

This CAMP is open to eligible NDIS participants from 6-17 years of age looking to meet new people and try something new.

Activities will include:

Camping in tents
Building friendships
Growing in independence
And many more fun activities

You Belong Here With Us

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NDIS Funded

Many of our clients are able to use their NDIS funding to pay for our camps as capacity building, or respite care/short term accommodation.

Are You One Of Them?


NDIS Camp Goals

Everyone’s NDIS individual plan is different. The types of goals camps assist with include:

  1. Identify and develop strategies to cope with my emotions
  2. Improve and develop communications skills
  3. Challenge myself with new activities
  4. Develop positive self-esteem and confidence in my strengths
  5. Improve social skills and community participation

We can invoice camp from either Core, Capacity Building Increased Social and Community Participation – Participation in Community, Social and Civic Activities, or (in part) from Capacity Building Daily Living.

Achieve Your Goals While Having Fun


Benefits Of Camps

Hours are great, days are better, but camps are where the real magic happens. We all know that you learn a language best through immersing yourself in it. The same is true of all skills and camps provide just such an opportunity.

Immersed in a social environment that is new and challenging, our young adults experience the opportunity to build independence, learn new skills, gain experience regulating emotions and participating in community. Many of our participants remain friends outside of camp and look forward to their next adventure.

Parents also benefit from a short break, the opportunity to spend quality time with other children and the new skills their young adult brings home with them.

The magic of friendship and belonging await


Don’t just take our word for it

Why come to an NDIS funded holiday camp?

Being neurodivergent can feel lonely. The very word can make our clients feel different to their peers at school or general holiday camps. Our disability camps are different. Indeed, we only used the word disability so you would be able to find us. Truth is, we don’t even like the word.

Our camps are for the wonderful variety of neurodivergent and uniquely able individuals who bring totally the different ways of thinking we believe we need in the world.

Our camps are for the people who don’t fit in elsewhere because they see the world like us.

Coming to an NDIS funded holiday camp is like finding your tribe. We are your people and we can’t wait to get to know you better.

Hang Out With Friends