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Respite Care - Holidays

Respite care is for you, as well as those who support you every day. You get one on one care and support with your fully trained support worker to help you grow and enjoy yourself at the same time. Those who normally provide you with care and support, get some time for self care at the same time.

We don’t like to call it respite care, we prefer the term holiday, because taking a few nights away helps everyone reset their batteries.

Say Yes To A Few Days Away From Home


How Does Respite Care Work?

Respite care, or short term accommodation, are NDIS terms for a break for carers from their caring role, and an opportunity for participants to make new friends and gain new skills.

Our holidays pair participants with a qualified support worker for a few nights at a time. Participants and their support worker stay in adjoining accommodation across a range of locations in South Queensland, from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast, enjoying theme parks, restaurant meals and each other’s company.

Holidays offer you all a chance to refresh and reset. Care, accomodation, food and activities are all included.

Do You, Or Someone You Love, Need A Break?


Participants who require assisted living support can join our qualified support workers and engage in a range of activities building skills and friendships while their carers take a break.

Participants can request respite with a support worker already known to them and we will do our best to accommodate these requests.

A Break From Your Usual Week

Respite Care For Under 18

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NDIS Respite Care

Many NDIS plans include respite care of up to 28 days per year, referred to as Short Term Accommodation. Depending on your needs this may be at a group or individual rate. This can be taken flexibly, as a long block or at regular intervals, depending on your needs and those of your regular caregivers or accomodation settings.

More information is available from the NDIS website.

Funded Respite Care Through The NDIS

Don’t just take our word for it

Respite is so much fun, i always have the best time. The support workers are amazing at what they do and make sure we are safe and enjoying ourselves. You do what you feel comfortable doing and can express how your feeling. I wouldn’t be me today if i didn’t know Heart to Heartbeat, i wouldn’t be able to do what i do on respite by myself, i have tried so many new things and have more confidence in myself and stepping out of my comfort zone. I can’t explain how much fun i have while with my support workers.

– Bobbi

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